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We offer campaign training for future candidates, campaign managers, staff and volunteers to learn essential tools and stategies to address election issues and manage political campaigns in Nigeria. Training for youth empowerment and leadership development will reduce the high rate of youth unemployment in Nigeria, improve youth participation and productivity. At NaijaWin, we encourage citizens to become the agents of change in their communities by learning new skills, taking actions, and transforming their consciousness, values, and attitudes. Contact us now to know more about our leadership campaign training programs.

Voter Education Programs

Come the next election seasons, Nigerians will exercise their civic right to elect a democratic President, States Governors, Senators, Representatives, and a wide variety of state or  local officers. We offer our change makers the information and guideline they need to get out and vote in their area; coordinate voter registration, grassroots sensitization and how to mornitor their votes and ballots.

Leadership Training

Are you a change agent? Enroll for our leadership training class today! We offer training program for individuals with various leadership backgrounds and interests that are relevant in todays political space.  This course is a way to build your political will power and increase civil participation in electoral process and governance. It analyzes practical political context and case studies.

Content Creation

Content strategy course teaches everything you need to bring your idea, project or campaign strategies into reality. It includes conceptualization, research and data analysis, copywriting, storytelling, speech writing, scripting, graphic designing, video editing, strategy development, content marketing, image branding, media management, audience targeting and website development.

Digital Marketing

Learn how to use new media and effective digital marketing tools to connect with wider audinece, grow your brand and digital presence· We offer integrated online marketing and advertising stacks that includes the use of Pay-per-click Advertising tools like Google Adword, Display advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Lead Generation.

Youth Agriculture Initiative

Agriculture relies heavily on manpower labour and machineries across the world. With the Nigerian vast land opportunity as a country, we can incorporate the needs and aspirations of young Nigerians into many agro production, processing and agricultural initiatives; from small scale crop production, animal farming to large-scale plantations across our fertile geopolitical areas.

Youth Empowerment & Innovation

Youth and Technology are two words to change the world today. Young minds, education beyond walls, and tech hubs are great ways we empower the youths for a greater good. We focus on how to leverage science, technology, computer programs, improved devices, the Internet and innovative thinkers to create the leaders of tomorrow who will do exploits across time zones.

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