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Naijawin is the best Nigeria Political Campaign Tools and Solutions website that build innovative products, develop actionable campaign activities, offer voter education, training, promote credible candidates, organise local events and run cost-effective social media marketing, political campaign advertisement and grassroots campaigns across all states in Nigeria.

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Peter Obi Presidental Run 2023.

Moving Nigeria from Consumption to Production

Donations to Obi’s campaign is not unlawful10 Steps I must take to make Peter Obi the Next President Of NigeriaPeter Obi Phenomenon

Fund Kastina Labour Party Office For Peter Obi Campaigns

Join the Peter Obi Vanguard Ambassadors (POVA) in collaboration with other #Obidients in Kastina State, North West Nigeria to rent and renovate an Office space located at Kastina City for Labour Party Peter Obi 2023 Presidential Election. At Peter Obi

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25 February 2023

2023 Presidential Election Starts Saturday 25 February

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Choosing the right candidate for an election is one of the many factors that determine the outcome of any given election process. Election can be expensive, exhausting and even dangerous in many parts of the world. As Nigeria Political Campaign Tools and Solution Platform in Nigeria, we understand most of the campaign approaches used by political parties and election candidates; which include: (a) controlling the narrative by dictating the agenda, (b) use news media to make their candidates appeal to potential voters, (c) aggressive media coverage of all political events and (d) plan negative publicity against the incumbent or opponent. At Naijawin political Campaign organisation in Nigeria, our campaign strategists and consultants use traditional and digital media platforms proven to be the best cost-effective political campaign strategies in Nigeria. We create political campaign action plan and build formidable campaign structures need to win any election in Nigeria. We can help you organise campaign fundraising events, townhall meetings and campaign rallies in the local levels. We have a team of creative writers and content developers, digital marketers, graphic designers, investigative journalists, video editors, social media influencers celebrities and human rights activists who will champion your cause, produce relevant resources and deliver campaign materials based on your requirements. We design and print party logos, A3 campaign posters, stickers, campaign flyers, exercise books, display pins, large format banners, party flags, wristbands, branded t-shirts, umbrellas, and other gift items needed to motivate your target voters and communicate your campaign messages or party ideology to the masses. We build products and programs to help people access up-to-date electoral information, support the candidate of your choice, raise election finance, advertise online and manage their digital presence. We use collective voice to influence decisions that promote the fundamental rights of citizens, good governance, quality education, healthcare and social infrastructures. Our political campaign marketing strategies begin with portfolio setup, and launching of your fundraiser campaign on Naijawin.org, then to graphic design, website development, audience targeting, research analysis, political campaign speech writing, campaign logo design, effective social media advertising, direct mailing letters and podcast ads, PPC Google display. Grow tour social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads, Tiktok, YouTube Explainer Video Marketing, News website publishing, Telegram Instant Massaging, WhatsApp Groups, face-to-face conversation management, phone banking and online and offline community engagement; We are leading political digital marketing company in Nigeria with dedicated political campaign team that specialize in political social media campaigns, outreach with SEO, website publications, forums interviews, news aggregation and information distribution, campaign contributions and donation gateway system, webinars and video conferencing, campaign PR, branding and printing of campaign materials. We create campaign strategies, developing campaign manifestos, train volunteers, mobilize mass supports, organise local events and electronic town hall meetings to suit your project requirements. As leading political campaign agency in Nigeria, we carryout target audience needs research, competitors SWOT analysis, focus-group discussions, situation analysis and formulate campaign plans, key messaging to engage with the eligible voters, enlighten the electorates about the candidate (The Name ID), his or her past records, professional or political achievements (The Bio Campaign) and create awareness about the election campaign promises and the best benefits to expect as compared to the opponents. As Nigeria center for responsive politics, we use the negative campaign strategies not propaganda, we focus on issue base topics that will strengthen the democratic processes and help the people elect the best leaders. The best way to take back the country is by electing the most capable, competent and committed leaders through valid casted ballots papers. Help people who share our passion for change. Click the donation buttons on your website to support a candidate and give to charities in conflict or troubled situations. Knocking doors and making phone calls are some of effective tactics on how to win an election, it’s time to put them into action. NaijaWin is the #1 political campaign crowdfunding site in Nigeria that is designed for aspirant politicians, party supporters and individuals to raise money for social and political intervention projects that will impact their communities. Following our case studies and successful political campaign guidelines, some campaigners knock on doors to contact people personally. This campaign method is used by political parties and issue groups to identify potentials supporters, persuade the undecided voters, and increase the voters list. We design and print political campaign items and delver nationwide. Learn how to run a political campaign in Nigeria from experienced political campaign consultants. We offer free political campaign software, best in class campaign management tools and political campaign articles.

Morning Digest

Morning Digest with Peter Obi Vanguard

180,000 DONATE NOW

Fund Kastina Labour Party Office For

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Peter Obi-Ahmed Datt Branded Pen and

Fundraising to Print 100 T-Shirts 4

350,000 DONATE NOW

Secure online fundraising solution designed for political aspirants, party supporters, youths and nonprofit organizations to raise money and manage donations for social intervention projects they believed in.

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We provide basic and sophisticated Nigeria political campaign tools and solutions that can be used by candidates and their campaign teams such as: Voter data management software: This software helps to organize and maintain a list of potential voters and their contact information. Email marketing software: This tool can be used to send regular newsletters, updates, and other campaign-related information to subscribers. Social media management tools: Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are key tools for political campaigns, and these tools can help manage social media profiles, monitor activity, and schedule posts. Phone banking software: Phone banking software can help manage a list of potential voters to call and record the results of those calls. Door-to-door canvassing tools: These tools can help campaign volunteers collect data on potential voters, such as their opinions on key issues and their likelihood of voting. Fundraising software: This software can be used to manage donations, track donor information, and send thank-you messages to donors. Online advertising platforms: Platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads can be used to run targeted ads to potential voters. Polling and survey software: These tools can help gather feedback and opinions from potential voters and constituents. Volunteer management software: This tool can help manage a list of volunteers, schedule tasks and events, and keep track of volunteer hours. Website builders and content management systems: A campaign website is a vital tool for sharing information and updates with potential voters, and these tools can help build and manage the website. Data Analytics and Targeting: Data analytics is used to gather data on potential voters and their behavior, preferences, and voting history. This data can then be used to target specific groups with customized messaging and outreach. Social Media Advertising: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow political campaigns to reach potential voters through targeted ads. Other Advanced All Nigeria Political Campaign Tools in One Place such as lookalike targeting and custom audiences can be used to reach specific demographics. Email Marketing and Automation: Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach potential voters. Automation tools can be used to send targeted messages to specific groups based on their interests, location, and other factors. Mobile Apps and SMS Messaging: Mobile apps and SMS messaging allow political campaigns to reach potential voters directly on their phones. This can include personalized messages, polling reminders, and other types of outreach. Virtual Events and Webinars: Virtual events and webinars have become increasingly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. These events allow political campaigns to reach potential voters in a safe and socially distant way. AI-Powered Chatbots: AI-powered chatbots can be used to answer voter questions and provide information about a candidate or issue. This can be particularly useful during a large-scale event or when there is a high volume of inquiries. Grassroots Mobilization Platforms: Grassroots mobilization platforms like Mobilize and NationBuilder allow campaigns to organize volunteers, coordinate canvassing efforts, and track voter engagement.

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Political Crowdfunding Platform in Nigeria

NaijaWin is a powerful political crowdfunding platform that allow individuals or organizations to raise money from a large number of people to support their political campaigns, causes or charity projects. Here is how it works:

  1. Set up a campaign: The first step is to create a campaign on NaijaWin by setting a fundraising goal, creating a description of your campaign, and choosing the type of campaign you want to run.
  2. Share your campaign: Once your campaign is live, you will need to promote it to potential donors on social media, email, and other platforms to increase visibility and encourage people to donate.
  3. Track your progress: This platform provides real-time data on the progress of your campaign, including the amount of money raised and the number of donors.
  4. Receive donations: Once your campaign has ended, you will receive the funds, use it to support your political cause; including paying for advertising, campaign materials, or other expenses.
  5. Report back to donors: After the campaign is over, report back to donors on how their contributions were used to build trust and encourages donors to continue supporting your political efforts.

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Election Campaign Management

Effective campaign management requires a team with diverse skills, such as data analysis, marketing, public relations, event planning, budgeting, and digital media. We help you manage a political campaign, build a strong brand, engage with supporters, and ultimately achieve your campaign goals.

Political Crowdfunding Campaigns

Raise more money from a crowd of people all over the world. This platform is a secure system for people to donate to political candidates and/or charitable projects that impact their communities. One of the major challenges when vying for public office is the problem of where the matching funds will come from. Whether local, state or federal election, running for a political campaign can be expensive. But raising campaign funds online could be the smartest way to achieve your dream project; especially where you have a popular candidate or best seller product that meet the collective interests of the people or donors. You can start fundraisers for upcoming democratic elections, medical cares, emergency cases, legal support, education, community actions and nonprofit organizations. Donors can use their local and international accounts or credit cards to give to any candidate, community or organization on NaijaWin.

Digital Media & Political Advertising

Connect with the right audience using personalized campaign messages that communicate your policies and values. As leading political marketing company with tested strategies for winning elections in Nigeria, we leverage new media, digital advertising and traditional campaign tools to raise awareness, spread the word, influence and network via our community platforms: such as social media platforms, political campaign websites, campaign software, mobile apps, data capturing and survey tools, email marketing, text messaging, radio and television ads; including campaign literature like posters, flyers, pamphlets, newspapers, and other print materials. All our campaigns are researched, developed, and implemented to address issue based talking points, viral opinion polls, and spiteful misinformation by the oppositions; while providing tailored solutions that create lasting impression in the minds of the voters.

Get Out The Vote Campaign (GOTV)

Get the resources you need to increase your impact, recruit volunteers, train campaign staff and build your support base leading up to the election day. Our campaign management solutions provide easy-to-use tools and services that save time, automate tasks, collect data, publish events, sign up, and connect with voters wherever they are. We encourage citizens; especially the underrepresented groups, like the youths to register to vote, turn out to vote and get involved in electioneering processes; such as voter registration and PVC collection drives, voter education programs, wards and polling units monitoring, door-to-door canvassing and grassroots movements within their constituencies. We provide strategic advice on how to organize and run successful political campaigns in Nigeria.

PACs Compliance & Transparency

Plan your campaigns from start to finish with Naijawin.org - Nigeria's best political campaign platform. Most electorates vote personality, competence, trust and strong relationship builders. Our expert team starts campaign projects by developing effective strategies and engagement tools, creating your personal branding, messaging and fundraising plans, and then move to targeted media outreach and community engagements, organizing public appearances, analyzing data and reporting ongoing campaigns. We partner with media outlets, civil society groups, NGOs and political action committees (PACs) for public debates, issue advocacy and lobbying, grassroots voter mobilization, election observation and humanitarian efforts that promote democracy and good governance. All our political campaign programs are executed in accordance with the extant provisions of the Electoral Act 2022, the campaign finance regulations of Nigeria, and other progressive political campaign rules as applicable to individuals and entities.

It is a known fact to Naijawin Political Campaign Organisation in Nigeria that option pools and political positioning on Facebook and Twitter do not win election anywhere in the world. In fact, elections in Nigeria are not won on social media; but on the polling units. However, the influence of social media in previous election campaigns is actually changing the narratives. As a political action group, election support group or campaign organization in Nigeria, we help credible candidates secure people trust by increasing voter empathy, getting political donors, grassroots conversers, and polling unit agents that will execute setout grassroot mobilization strategy. We make sure that all political campaigns are issue base, focusing on environmental, social and leadership challenges in the society like youth unemployment, underdeveloped medical infrastructure, power supply, low standard of education, corruption, nepotism, poverty in Nigeria, police brutality, economy collapse from startup to finish. You can hire our centralized campaign management system; situation reports newsroom and call center and database control room. A political campaign is an organized effort geared towards influencing the decision making of a specific group of people to elect a particular candidate of choice in local election, state or national elections. In most African countries like Nigeria, the increasing penetration of the internet and mobile technologies is encouraging ordinary citizens, political elites, and youths’ engagement in elections. The use of mobile devices is providing efficiency, transparency, and peaceful elections in Sub-Saharan Africa. Today in Nigeria, youths’ involvement in democratic elections seems to be influenced by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok and other instant messaging apps. On the other hand, the usual misinformation by some politicians, spreading of rumors and false information against the opponent and negatively inciting the general public which previously make the electorates vote along ethnic, religious and tribal lines or other forms of lies is reducing by the day because people are now more aware and awakened. Incumbent politicians or new entrants need to respond to accusations or fake news quickly by providing hard copy evidence where necessary to refute the claims. Support a Candidate or Project by Lending a Hand. Naijawin is the #1 Nigeria Election Campaign Fundraising portal to help you plan your next election campaigns, create winning strategies, and communicate your leadership benefits to ideal electorate. As parts of a political campaign strategy, you can invite supporters to join the movement for a better Nigeria. Order Custom Print Materials for Campaign From Store.

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25 September 2022

POVA Grassroots Mobilizers Edo State Meeting

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24 September 2022

Kwara 1 Million Obidients March

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Join thousands of people who are helping others to raise funds, execute projects and organize events that are touching lives and changing the nation. We have managed over 25 campaigns and activities since inception.

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NaijaWin is a leading political campaign site in Nigeria. We provide best political campaign strategies that contestants can employ to emerge as their party’s candidacy at the primary elections, be it congressional senator polls or presidential elections; before qualifying to contest against candidates from other parties in a general election. These political strategies include lobbying, personal contacts, political rallies, endorsements, political donations and campaign support. Political Advertising is the use of media by political candidates to increase their exposure to the public. Political campaign is an organized efforts by a political party or a candidate running for office to attract the support of voters in an election using promotional elements such as professional public relations, polling, broadcast media, political social media marketing strategy, direct mail and internet promotions. Political advertising is an element of Political Campaign otherwise known as election campaign. It is an effective communication medium through which a candidate attempts to market himself to the electorates in order to get their votes for an election. But negative advertising should be discouraged. Top Political Parties in Nigeria includes All Progressives Congress (APC), People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Labour Party (LP), All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Young Progressives Party (YPP), Accord Party (A), Action Alliance (AA), Action Democratic Party (ADP), Action Peoples Party (APP), African Action Congress (AAC), African Democratic Congress (ADC), People’s Redemption Party (PRP), Allied Peoples Movement (APM), Social Democratic Party (SDP), New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), Boot Party (BP), National Rescue Movement (NRM) and Zenith Labour Party (ZLP). Despite our efforts to provide accurate information about all election candidates promoted via our website, we encourage Nigerian electorates to explore other sources like friends, family, party members and business associates for more information that could help them in making the right voting decisions. Our aim is to bring all applicable Nigeria political campaign tools, software solutions, technology, people, and products together in one platform to help our clients make the most of their campaign projects. NaijaWin helps you plan campaigns, build engagement tools, reach more audience, manage events, and mobilize supporters in one place. We provide flexible payment solution, charity funding, events fundraising, peer to peer fundraising and crowdfunding solutions.

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Popular States in Nigeria political campaign Tools and Software company in Abuja FCt, election update in Aba Abia Umuahia, Yola Adamawa, political campaign company in in Uyo Akwa Ibom, election management company in Onitsha Anambra Awka, Bauchi Kafanchan, Yenagoa Bayelsa, polling company in Makurdi Benue, Maiduguri Borno, Calabar Cross River, Asaba Delta Warri, Abakaliki Ebonyi, Benin City Edo, Ado Ekiti, Nsukka Enugu, Gombe Emirate, printing press in Owerri Imo, Dutse Jigawa, Kaduna Zaria, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Kogi, printing press in Ilorin Kwara, printing company in in Lagos Nigeria, Ikorodu, printing services in Lafia Nassarawa, Minna Niger, Abeokuta Ogun, Akure Ondo, Osogbo Osun, election campaign services in Ibadan Oyo, Plateau, political services in Port Harcourt Rivers, Sokoto, Jalingo design and print services in Taraba, Yobe, Gusau Zamfara.

To mobilize grassroots support for elections, aspiring political office holders should logically apply wisdom while formulating their persuasive campaign messages, speeches and policy documents such as manifestos so as; be it presidential election, senatorial or constituencies election, federal house of representatives, governorship election, local government election or state house of assembly. Again, top political parties in Nigeria such as the All Progressives Congress (APC), the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), the Labour Party (LP), Young Progressives Party (YPP), African Democratic Congress (ADC), Accord Party (A), and African Action Congress (AAC) should also implement innovative campaign strategies that resonate with today’s young voters and first time voters who are looking to see a winning candidate in the position of leadership in their country. Therefore, the best campaign media strategy used to win election in Nigeria with landslide include the effective implementation of internet facilities, mobile phone technologies like SMS, digital advertising, online newspapers publications, short videos, radio, campaign slogan, and television jingles. These media channels are shaping the socio-political campaign practices in Nigeria, Africa and across the world; disseminating information, engage citizens, and mobilize voter support. So, in addition to campaigning door-to-door on the streets of Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and across major cities in Nigerian 36 states and capital, towns and villages; the campaign council can actually leverage integrated mass media and digital media tools such as websites, social networks, billboards, branded vehicle advertisements and mobile applications to spread the news about the election candidates, coordinate campaign activities and distribute resources to eligible voters across the nation and oversees. To avoid vote buying, voter apathy, snatching of ballot boxes and electoral violence during the election seasons, the enforcement agencies are charged with the responsibility to provide adequate security measures for peaceful conduct of political rallies, processions and free and fair elections through out the federation. This will encourage youth participation in community developments and other civic responsibilities. From the recent election results however, the electoral body responsible for the conduct of elections in Nigeria has not lived up to expectations in terms of poor planning, voter disenfranchisement or systemic excluding of electorates from voting, inadequate supply of voting materials and late arrival of electoral officers to polling stations. As a stakeholder or concerned individual championing a just cause or clamoring for a real change, you need to have a clear campaign budget that outlines your sources of election finance; including the election expenditure; such as campaign office spaces, events rentals, travels, media coverage, printing of campaign advertising materials and other administrative political spending. Election campaign funding can come from political contributions to candidates, public campaign financing (crowdfunding), or from candidate’s personal savings. Getting a bank loan to sponsor or fund an election is never a good option to consider. Nevertheless, we DO NOT nominate, support, oppose or endorse any political parties, legislative committees, labor unions or electoral bodies within the Nigerian political landscape, Africa, America, United Kingdom or anywhere around the world. We use new media and traditional campaign tools such as social media and content marketing, build communication tools such as political campaign management software, mobile apps, data capturing and survey tools, campaign websites and search engine optimization (SEO); last minute email blasts, direct mobile marketing (SMS), paid advertisements, and social influencers; including promotional items such as branded political campaign posters, flyers, stickers, campaign t-shirts, banners, outdoor displays, magazines, radio and television broadcasts.

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Latest Political News and Publications.

Hire professional campaign manager, social media manager, campaign consultant, digital director, press officer or speech writer, political field director, grassroots canvassers, event organizers, finance directors, campaign secretary and administrator who can do the job without wasting your time and money. Like Gofundme, Kickstarter, and NaijaFund, NaijaWin is a political campaign fundraising site in Nigeria and best political fundraisers for political party candidates, and election supporters to raise money for their political projects, social intervention programs and community services that will make community impact. This website helps you solicit support from people across the world. Submit your project now, set a fundraising target and start receiving donations from a crowd of people who will help you achieve your socio-political goals. Make your dreams come through by raising funds from a crowd of people all over Nigeria. Share your page link to everyone on your social media networks and campaign for support from your friends, and family. You can offer incentives such as customized t-shirts, face caps and many more to motivate your supporters, volunteers or donors. By the campaign finance and expenditures provision of the new Electoral Act 2022, of section 88(8): No individual or entity shall donate more than N50,000,000 to a preferred candidate or aspirant. Our project creators are ready to assist you in this journey. Kindly follow the step by step guide below to get started. In our own rights to public campaign finance or crowdfunding system however, the NaijaWin makes no political donations; rather, we’re lending our hands to nation building, community development, youths and women empowerments, security of lives and property; crisis management, hunger alleviation and poverty eradication across the country. We run fundraisers for political campaigns, medical cares, emergency cases, legal, education and nonprofit organizations. Our aim is to promote youth leadership skills development, issue-based research and policy advocacy programme. As a patriotic citizens, we have the freedom to express our opinions in any given issue or situation in a way to inspire the needed change and make a difference in the society and public institutions. When we speak up together, we expose the high rates of youth unemployment in Nigeria, insecurity, poverty, systemic failure, gender parity, tribal and religious discriminations, inequality, corruption, impunity, injustice, marginalization, etc.; with a goal to secure a better future for the common population and the next generations to come. We use accurate, factual, and evidence-based materials to highlight issues, set the narratives and champion the campaigns for change. In a given election cycle, whether local or federal election; we focus on creating the right platforms, campaign plans and messages, connecting with the target voters through social media, door-to-door campaigning, town hall meetings, media interviews, voter outreach and public appearances. We use different promotional media such as social media, websites, billboards, posters, newspapers, radio, and TV advertisements to get the required target audience attention. In the 2023 General elections is Nigeria, our choice presidential candidate is the former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi. We provided material, new-media and grassroot support in Katsina State, Kano, Bauchi, Lagos, Delta, Oyo, Abia, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and Imo State, join campaign rallies and townhall meetings among others. We ensure that our election cycle grassroots mobilizers, election-day observers, content developers, political consultants, campaign managers, and media professionals receive the skilled training, guidance and inspiration they need to participate in any political campaign project in order to deliver excellent results in their home locations, states, countries or regions of residence. According to the Nigerian Independent National Electoral Commission, the Voter Registration status ahead of the 2023 general-election recorded that 8 Million Youths (the Millennials and Gen-Zs) made the bulk of persons who are Eligible to Vote. You have the call to participate more in nation building and to vote for your candidates of choice in any given state, local government or federal elections in Nigeria. As a neutral civic organisation with no political party affiliation, we carryout social intervention programmes, youths empowerments and undertake political actions in a bid to achieve our charitable objective (a better future for all); and not as means to our existence. Partisan, Election commission, Primaries, Federal election commission, Political action committee Pac, Presidential campaign, Unions, Expenditure, Democrat, Political process, Non-partisan, Nomination, Legislature, Campaign finance laws, American political debate, Political-science, Midterm, Independent expenditures, Bipartisan, Public funding, Campaign manager, Primary election, Presidential candidates, Citizens united Campaign financing, Political campaigning Electors, Campaign spending Treasurer, Elections campaign Dark-money, Prohibited Democracies Reform act. We are super-pac political advertising agency in Lagos Nigeria that offer campaign management services, political marketing strategy development, digital advertising, website design, grassroots advocacy, fundraising, social media promotions, copywriting, printing, billboard, voiceover radio, and TV commercials. Are you looking for best-in-class All Nigeria Political Campaign Tools and Solutions? We use effective advertising techniques that employ emotional appeals, storytelling, valuable information, and a clear message. To make every vote counts, first time voters and registered voters who need pre-registration, checking of status, information update or transfer of their polling stations can visit the official INEC website (www.cvr.inecnigeria.org) and register to vote. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC Nigeria) has made the voters registration processes very easy.  Mobilizing grassroots support across all the 37 States and 774 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Nigeria; including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja. Aspiring presidents, senators, federal house of representatives candidates, governors, local councils or states house of assembly contestants, that promotes social justice, campaign finance reform, and environmental improvements, will comply with campaign laws bothering on election donation limits, and foreign donations, maximum election expenses, INEC guidelines, required legal fillings, financial disclosures, assets declarations, campaign financing transparency and accountability.

Looking for tools that will boost your political campaign strategies? We provide the best fundraising, event management, field canvassing, campaign organizing, digital marketing, and social networking solutions you need to get started.

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